Twitch on Twitch

The “Twitch on Twitch” works are recent experiments with Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) chat windows pulled from the the most popular broadcasters on the streaming platform. For me, it’s fascinating to watch the cascade pouring up alongside the main window. As an amateur streamer who tries hard to listen and be attentive to anyone who happens to show up, it’s awkward and often uncomfortable to watch this cacophony of conversation. Are these conversations though? Or simply comments and emoticons bouncing back and forth? Is this engagement or just affirmation that someone is listening? Or are they all bots?…

At this time, these works are strictly “in progress” and don’t represent a finished product.

[plumwd_twitch_stream channel=”strange_playces” height=”400″ width=”600″]

Below is the live stream of my Twitch channel.


Bitsy Games

As an advocate for independently developed media, I can’t say enough about when it comes to games. The avant-garde of game design, experimental works, as well as refined, “top-shelf” quality games can be found here. Created by Adam Le Doux, Bitsy is a lively browser-based tool that enables users to create simple games in a retro, 8-bit style.  Much like Twine, these works require little to no coding skills. Bitsy, however, is different in that it relies on animated, pixel graphics, and three color palette.

“…and so I go where the snow goes” is my first foray into Bitsy. The impetus behind this simple experiment was to capture snow-like animation.