My name is Kristopher Purzycki, a lecturer with the English department at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. I am also currently serving as the Multimedia and Online Teaching Specialist. This site is my semi-professional presence that collects various works from over the years.

After a professional career in advertising and public communications, I went back to school to research digital rhetoric and the influence of media. My academic work has since forked into a pragmatic pedagogy towards multimedia composition and a critical approach towards the rhetoric of subculture and placemaking. Both are highly influenced by my ongoing work in the digital humanities and the arts, radical play theory, and game studies.

Since completing my dissertation in 2019, I’ve been slowly getting acclimated to post-defense academic life. Although I still look at computer games, I’m also following other paths of research. My current focus has been on sound-system culture in mid-20th century Jamaica and its profound influence on current media ecologies. I’m also reinvestigating live-streaming as a practice and trying to get the Interactive Fiction Drive-In off and running. In the meantime, I’m also trying to breathe life into a creative practice that has been criminally neglected for too long.

This site is a curation of these various endeavors creative, academic, and otherwise. You may find some pages are still under re-construction as I continue to migrate from an older site. Unfortunately, I lost all of my old blog posts but such is life. If you have any questions regarding my work or anything you see, please contact me directly at purzycki@uwm.edu.


Edited 27 July 2020


Creative Commons and Open Educational Resource Support

Introduction Textbooks for first-year writing courses are prohibitively expensive and, considering the wealth of resources available online, rarely have value outside of the classroom. As an instructor who has taught several of these courses at multiple institutions, I have been interested in developing an open educational resource (OER) to alleviate costs as well as provide …

CPGS: “Questions from Within Solidarity”

After a Summer of participating in various #BlackLiveMatter protests and actions, and shortly after the beginning of the Fall semester (2020), I composed the following statement on behalf of the Council for Play and Game Studies. Sara Lovett (Vice Chair) and Emma Kostopolus (Assistant Chair) were wonderful editors and provided some incredible feedback on what …