Hello there! My name is Kristopher Purzycki, a dissertator with the English department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. My current project is an analysis of and reflection on one’s sense of place in digitally mediated spaces. For the time being, the scope of this project is limited to computer games and am constantly fending off temptations to apply my embryonic theory to other works. For the time being, I’m forcing myself to stick to subjects relevant to my thesis: in-game photography and Pokemon GO.

Outside of this project, my academic interests include digital humanities with a focus on archiving and storytelling. I also work a great deal in publishing from the “back of the house” in a variety of roles including editor, publication manager, and reviewer. Although it’s important to publish in academia, I’m much more invigorated by working with new models of open-access, cooperative distribution of scholarly work.

During my off time, I’m usually out and about with my wife and two boys. Otherwise I might be running or biking around Milwaukee.

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