My name is Kristopher Purzycki, a doctoral student at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. For three years now, I’ve had the privilege of continuing my research in computer games with the Media, Cinema, and Digital Studies (MCDS) program, housed within the English department. At its broadest, my focus is on computer games, play, and digital interactivity. My upcoming dissertation, however, will focus on ecologies of interaction with and within digital environments, whether in VR spaces, digital art galleries, or augmented reality. This emerges from a theoretical approach grounded in ecocriticism and an interest in how people relate to place.

Aside from my studies, I also serve as the Program Assistant for the interdisciplinary Digital Arts and Culture Program. As a First-Year Composition Instructor, I spend a great deal of time developing my students’ recognition of their rhetorical position as audiences for – as well as creators of – significant digital texts. In addition, I’m also taking on the role of Chair of the Midwest Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference (MIGC), an incredible conference coordinated by UWM graduate students. Additionally, I serve as the production manager for the cream city review, a creative writing journal published at UWM. I can also be heard on Riverwest Radio, along with MCDS scholar Allain Daigle, where we produce the weekly web radio show Screens.

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