For me, there are few greater rewards than the broadcasting of invigorating and thoughtful discussion. From the exchange of ideas across disciplines, wonderful creations begin to emerge. This collaborative nurturing of ideas is part and parcel of the digital humanities and the use of various platforms to share these exchanges promotes this philosophy. As part of this endeavor, I have been instrumental in creating and maintaining numerous ongoing projects that record and publish these discussions. The two most significant broadcasts are the Screens radio show and Serious Play channel.

In early 2014, fellow graduate student Allain Daigle and I revived the web-radio broadcast that had once been conducted by prior students in the media studies program at UWM. Though the previous run had focused on film and television, Allain and I expanded this to include computer games as well. Screens’ weekly show is organized around a thematic discussion between ourselves and the occasional guest. Screens can be heard live on 104.1 every Tuesday evening at 9pm CST with archived shows available to stream on Soundcloud.

Some exemplary shows:

Serious Play
Over the summer, the UWM Serious Play group cobbled together a live streaming station so that we could produce Serious Play, a channel devoted to academic discussion towards computer games. From this channel, two shows have emerged that I help produce, Koffee Klatsch (which used to be called The Lunch Zone) and Doctors and Dungeon Masters.